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7 Tips for Vegan Travel

Vegan travelers have it hard sometimes.  From local customs in off-the-beaten-track places to shortages of nutritious ingredients, sometimes its just ...
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Mastering the Art of Traveling by Train

Trains have a certain inexplicable charm that you can't find in any other kind of transportation. But as exciting as ...
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hong kong layover blog

Hong Kong layover – what to do on a quick trip!

Recently, we planned our way home from Sri Lanka with a Hong Kong layover of 16 hours.  Hong Kong is ...
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Sedona Mystical Tours: A Day in the Vortex

A few weeks ago Zach and I set out to do what I like to call a "location redemption."  That's ...
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reduce plastic consumption while traveling and save money

8 ways to reduce plastic consumption while traveling and SAVE $$$!!!

With international tourism becoming accessible and popular with more and more people across the globe, it is important for travelers ...
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tuk tuk tournament 2018 sri Lanka

Tuk Tuk Tournament Sri Lanka – The funniest way to get off the beaten track!

As some of you may know, we are lucky enough to currently be undertaking the Tuk Tuk Tournament in Sri ...
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Going travelling? Here's advice on efficient packing

Going travelling? Here’s advice on efficient packing

Going travelling? Here's advice on efficient packing When you’re packing a small bag for a long trip, it can feel ...
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Mulkirigala – Our Favorite Sri Lanka Temple

Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara near Tangalle, in south Sri Lanka is a unique Buddhist temple built ascending a 205 meter ...
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sri lanka transportation guide

Sri Lanka transportation – a guide to how to travel the island

Traveling to Sri Lanka? Landing in Colombo can be overwhelming but doesn't have to be.  Travel in Sri Lanka can ...
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What happened to Mirissa, Sri Lanka? The party is over.

What happened to Mirissa, Sri Lanka?  The party is over.  After the infamous assault of Dutch tourists on Mirissa Beach ...
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Tuk Tuk sri lanka

Tuk Tuk Safari – Exploring Galle on the Sri Lanka Coast

The amazing Tuk Tuk Safari offers tours around Colombo, Galle, and Kandy.  The tours are not just in any tuk ...
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sak yant ayutthaya

Sak Yant – Thailand’s Sacred Bamboo Tattoos in Ayutthaya

As soon as we arrived in Thailand we started noticing people's traditional tattoos.  After a few internet searches, we learned ...
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how to get around bangkok

How To Get Around Bangkok, Thailand – A Guide For Travelers

Figuring out how to get around Bangkok, Thailand can be overwhelming at first.  Navigating the big city can seem impossible, ...
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7 Ways To Be A Better Traveler – Positive Impact Tourism

Many of us go traveling without any real purpose or direction.  This can be great but sometimes our travel can ...
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Thai boat noodles

Thai Boat Noodles – Street Food Bangkok

Depending on where you stay in Bangkok, you might have some locals suggest you grab some "Thai boat noodles."  The ...
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Yim Whan Hostel & Cafe

7 Types of Terrible Hostel Guests

Hostels are great places that laid back traveling people can enjoy.  They are some of the best places to meet ...
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