So Carrie was awesome today and found us plane tickets from Chicago to Medellin, Colombia for $188 each! So for all three we payed the same as we were expecting to pay for one!  Now we definitely have the funds to travel over land though Central America on the way home!


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Zach seeks to live a simpler life without the extravagance of American culture. Buy fewer things, need less money, work less, play more.

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  1. Medellin, the Paris of Latin America! NOT!

  2. Well, regardless of how much we end up liking Medellin, it should be a good jumping-off point for the beginning of our journey through the whole continent! And you can’t beat that fare! We got all 3 tickets for the usual price of one!

  3. ¡Buenos días!
    It all seems to be in a good way for you three guys! We are so happy to see your project fulfiled! We are almost at the end of our round the world trip and you’re going to begin yours. Now that we’re travelling we just can’t stop! We hope you’ll have as much fun as we had!
    Buena suerte,
    Mathilde and Freddy (french couchsurfers)

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