Drumroll please……THE TRAILER!

Here it is, in all it’s low-resolution glory!  I have been sitting in a coffee shop for hours trying to upload the HD version, but the internet always poops out midway through!  So, I guess I will have to wait until our house internet gets fixed to upload the full-quality video, but here is a compressed version for your viewing pleasure!

Photo Credits:  Jeff Ratcliff, Arvind Balaraman, Bill Longshaw, africa, Evgeni Dinev, nuchylee, Luigi Diamanti, Simon Howden, Dino De Luca from www.freedigitalphotos.net   Galyna Andrushko, Achilles Moreaux, Rewat Wannasuk, Misha Shiyanov, Dario Diament, Pcphotos, Grigory Kubatyan, Piccaya, Cosmopol, Svx94, Mark Breck, Antonio De Azevedo, Celso Pupo rodrigues from www.dreamstime.com

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The Checklist

Well, a lot of things are getting done late, some things got done early, and I know there’s more we haven’t even thought of!  But I feel like we are making progress and getting so close!  The trailer is uploading as we speak and I submitted our kickstarter application today!

We have the most important thing: plane tickets!!  Ready or not, we are boarding that plane in 5 short months!

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SCORE! Not even a month after we decided to start planning our grand adventure, my dad found an awesome vintage Jansport backpack on the curb that one of his neighbors was giving away. It seems like a solid piece of equiptment, although I’m not familar enough with backpacking to know how much of a difference the advancements on the new models make. I was at my old neighbor’s apartment the other day and he showed me his backpack that he bought recently – it is not as big as the one I have (pictured) so I don’t think it would work for our trip, but it certainly was nice and made me ponder the advantages/disadvantages of the backpack that fell into my hands.

Any thoughts?

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