Too Legit to Quit!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated to our indiegogo campaign so far!!!  You guys are truly awesome.  We are up to $350 with 90 days to go!  Click here if you want to donate!

In recent news, Zach got his travel shots!  He has been “a little bit infected with several tropical diseases” for the past few days now, hahaha.  So there will be a lovely video post of that experience coming soon!

The most exciting news is that we officially registered our production company as a business!  That basically involved filing a notarized form and paying $15 at the courthouse to make Journey Lost Productions legally recognized.  We also opened up a business account with Chase so that we can keep all of the funds we raise for the film completely separate and provide copies of our bank statement to donors if they ask.  It also means we can write off all of our equipment as business expenses when we file our taxes next year.  This is all so new to me but the fact that I’m now officially a business owner makes me happy.  Journey Lost Productions is real, yo!

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¿podemos seguir adelante con ella?

My pack

Because my Spanish is still really bad, google translate helps me out.  What I think I am saying is CAN WE JUST GET ON WITH IT?  I am ready to get out of here.  Not that Arizona is not an amazing place, but after a year of planning, it is time to get this show on the road.  I already have my backpack set and almost everything I need to survive for 1 year is in it.  These next few months are going to be very long.

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The not-so-planned plan

Honestly, planning a trip like this is not easy.  Split with also trying to make a film at the same time, learning a new language, and preparing to to leave all of our things being for an entire year, it is overwhelming.  The next question is WHERE ARE WE GONNA GO?

“Not where that one guy is…” my Dad hopes, meaning Hugo Chavez.  I reply, “Of course where ‘that one guy’ is, they are suppose to have the nicest people and the most beautiful beaches!”

We will arrive in Medellin, Colombia with a previously-contacted Couchsurfing host ready to meet us and help us get acclimated.  After we are feeling comfortable with our environment, we will set out to our first farm in the WWOOFing organization and volunteer/relax in the high jungle countryside.  After around 1 month in Colombia, we will enter Ecuador and experience the beaches of the equator.  Then southward through the land of the Incas, through the Bolivian Salt Flats, down through the Andes, and hopefully we will arrive in Patagonia before winter sets in.  After putting our tent into good use in the southern wilderness, we will take the only bus northward, overnight to Buenos Aires, Argentina!  And so on and so forth until we wind up back where we started, in Colombia.

I’m sure everyone gets the point.  We are going counter-clockwise from north to south.  We will travel on a boat, upstream on the Amazon.  We will travel socialist nations and not be afraid, because, frankly, we don’t buy this “All socialists are bad people” BS.

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The West Is The Best

Last September, Carrie and I moved to northern Arizona to experience the west.  After spending the first 22 years of my life in Ohio, I was excited to spend the next year doing a plethora of outdoor activities.  In the fall we had adventures on the waters around Lake Havasu, hiked the first few miles of the Colorado Trail from Durango, and spent tons of time out in the wilderness around Flagstaff.  As soon as winter arrived we purchased season passes to Arizona Snowbowl and spent the winter weekends snowboarding.  Carrie was always a skier, so it took her a few weeks and several hard crashes but she eventually conquered the whole mountain on the snowboard with me.  All this kept us busy combined with the normal weekends out and about town.  However, the spring has been the best so far.  The sun shines bright every day and, although it is sometimes quite windy, the weather brings about a state of happiness that only summer can.  Now is the time to explore the endless hikes south of the Mogollon Rim, out of the forest and into the desert.  As you drive south from Flagstaff on the I-17 into Sedona, the road drops off and you can shift the car into neutral for miles and miles and let gravity propel your car from 7,000ft of altitude to 4,000 feet of altitude.  Here it starts to get warm, and now as we go into May, you start to feel the heat notorious of places like Phoenix and southward.  Around Sedona there is a mixture of red rocks, creeks, desert, and fortune tellers.  One can take hikes miles off the road and find creeks, waterfalls, and caves to swim in.  These places are so amazing and out of the way that you are usually alone with the earth.  Not many things make you feel more alive than jumping off the top of waterfalls and hoping there are no hidden rocks that will bash you to bits.  As you fall you start to count “onethousandone, onethousandtwo…” then a picture enters your mind of the sign you saw at the entrance to the trail “There will be no one to rescue you!”  But the splash comes and the rush fades so you finish your wine, put on your clothes, and prepare for the hike out, which always sucks.  Usually I wish I brought a tent, wish I don’t have a job, wish I could get lost in the rivers.  But then I think “if this is so surreal, Colombia is sure to be heaven”.

All in all, we have put over 30,000 miles on Carrie’s Kia since we bought it in October.  Before we fly out of this country, we are going to drive from here up to Black Rock City and from there west to Frisco, then back east on a slow drive through Utah, Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa (really fast), and make a stop to see friends in Chicago.  We will arrive back in Ohio early in October, where will be partying it up for some good friends weddings and kickin’ it till the big send off from Chicago on the 27th of October.  We will arrive in Colombia and start it off with the Day of the Dead on the 31st in Medellin.  Who is excited? This guy.

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You’re Bummin’ Me Out, Kickstarter

I want this blog to not only be about our adventure but also about the process of creating a documentary.  Not just the fun parts, but the trials and tribulations too.  So in the interest of full disclosure, here’s the latest hitch in our plan.

Kickstarter rejected us.

Why?  I have no idea.  It’s not a huge deal because we can just use Indiegogo to fundraise instead.  But I still really want to know why!  Anyone have any insight into how kickstarter accepts and rejects projects?

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