Melissa no longer involved with project and trip

Sadly, I announced to Carrie and Zach a couple of weeks ago that I am no longer planning to join them for the trip. I’ve been dealing with uncertainty regarding my involvement with La Aventura Project for the past few months and I need to face reality and make a decision. I still wholeheartedly believe in the trip and its reasoning and am completely supportive of Carrie and Zach.

The obvious question: Why?

It’s personal! Of course it is… a lot has changed for me over the past 10 or so months when we started talking about this trip. The closer it gets, the more rushed and unready I become. I’ve had a lot of setbacks this year and I’m not ready to embark on the big adventure; I have things I want to stick around for and things I need to deal with. I’m going to focus on getting things back on track in my life and enjoy what I’m doing. I would like to travel in the future and am inspired by the spirit of La Aventura Project.

Want more? Details:

My brother is getting married in June 2012
I got sick with mono in January that took its toll on me and took me a long time recover
Working through a lot of personal and family issues, making progress
Have an auto accident open and pending for court in May 2012
Working at a position that I’m interested in where I can learn and grow

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10 more days of work.

After only 10 more days of work, we will set off on our Pre-South American, North American adventure.  We have worked ourselves crazy over the past months trying to save enough for the next year or longer of not having income.  Our bodies hurt and need rest.  Our minds hurt and need travel.  So tomorrow is time for 2 week notices and I only have 5 more free days in Arizona to get everything wrapped up.  We also have promotional stickers and business cards to print and a million other things.  What a crazy next 2 weeks it will be.  But once on the road there will be more time for blogs and updates, so stay tuned for the adventure!

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