Melissa no longer involved with project and trip

Sadly, I announced to Carrie and Zach a couple of weeks ago that I am no longer planning to join them for the trip. I’ve been dealing with uncertainty regarding my involvement with La Aventura Project for the past few months and I need to face reality and make a decision. I still wholeheartedly believe in the trip and its reasoning and am completely supportive of Carrie and Zach.

The obvious question: Why?

It’s personal! Of course it is… a lot has changed for me over the past 10 or so months when we started talking about this trip. The closer it gets, the more rushed and unready I become. I’ve had a lot of setbacks this year and I’m not ready to embark on the big adventure; I have things I want to stick around for and things I need to deal with. I’m going to focus on getting things back on track in my life and enjoy what I’m doing. I would like to travel in the future and am inspired by the spirit of La Aventura Project.

Want more? Details:

My brother is getting married in June 2012
I got sick with mono in January that took its toll on me and took me a long time recover
Working through a lot of personal and family issues, making progress
Have an auto accident open and pending for court in May 2012
Working at a position that I’m interested in where I can learn and grow


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