Live No Excuses Radio Interview

Play the video to listen to Zach and I on 103.5/104.5 Live No Excuses Radio!  This was on this morning, Sunday September 25, between 8-9am.  HUGE THANKS to Lex and Dan!

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Check out our new publicity photo!

This was taken using a tripod…the new best friend of the director/talent!  We’d also like to thank Dan Stover of Live No Excuses radio for getting us on the air this morning in Columbus!  If we get permission to upload the mp3 of our interview we’ll do that.  In other news, 55 hours left to donate!  Click here.

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Only 8 more days until you don’t have to hear about this anymore!

But until then….

Our flight leaves on October 27, and now our fundraising deadline is fast approaching! We set a lofty goal of raising $5000 and we still have a long way to go! We are currently only a few hundred dollars away from the $1000 mark, and every little bit helps! The film is happening no matter how much money we raise, but the more we get, the better the quality will be! Here are a few things your donation will be used for:

TRAVEL HEALTH INSURANCE!!!! (to protect the film from being scrapped due to unforeseeable health issues)
SHOTGUN MICROPHONE (for great sound quality!)
EXTRA HARDDRIVES (for backing up footage)
EXTRA MEMORY CARD (for storing pictures and video)
LONG LIFE CAMERA BATTERIES (to keep us rolling in places where there’s no power!)

Don’t leave us without medical coverage. We can’t do this on our own. Let’s make these last 8 days count and help us get the equipment we need to create something amazing. Every dollar will be greatly appreciated and there are some great perks for helping us out. We appreciate your help so much!
The link to donate is

Feel free to leave comments with any and all questions; we’d love to answer them!

You can also help by following @AventuraProject on Twitter, “Liking” La Aventura Project on Facebook, and posting this event to your wall for others to see!

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Traveling as a Couple

Zach and I have now been traveling for 3 weeks!  Road trips are something we’ve gotten very good at, but the idea that this is only week 3 of an entire year(!) is pretty mind-boggling to us.  The adjustment is definitely taking some time…I’m only now getting used to the idea that we’re NOT going back to Arizona in a  few days.  Living out of the car has it’s downsides, but really, this is the easy part.  Once we get to South America we will begin the real voyage, in addition to trying WWOOFing for the first time, speaking a new language, and making a documentary!  And this will be our first REAL overseas, new-culture, long-term travel experience together.  We’ve been together for so long, lived together, moved across the country together, and traveled so much in close quarters.  But South America will DEFINITELY bring a whole new set of challenges.  We’ve been working on our communication and mentally preparing ourselves to work together as well as possible when we’re there.  This road trip is also a great warm-up.  However, there’s no advice as great as the experts can give, so here are some links to some great blogs about traveling in a relationship.  Enjoy!

Traveling as a couple

Traveling Couples: Are We Insane?  The Survival Guide

How to Travel the World Together without Killing Each Other

What Sailing Across The Ocean Teaches You About Marriage

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