Colombia: Financial Summary

How Much $$$ Did We Spend in Colombia?

Here’s a little summary of our time in Colombia to help you see how much $ we spent on our extremely budget style of travel.

Days in Colombia: 21

Total Money Spent: $629

So we spent an average of $14.98 per person per day, pretty much exactly on target with our overall budget for the trip!

Here’s a pretty pie chart breakdown for you!

Sorry that some of the slices are the same color...we´re not very good at Excel but we´re working on it!

And some more details for the curious:

Transportation:  This is by far the biggest since we moved around a lot and buses are on the more expensive side in Colombia.  (Average about $2-3 per hour of travel.)  You can bargain for long-distance bus tickets, so never settle for the original quoted price!  This is mostly for long-distance buses, although we did take taxis frequently, especially to get to our accomodations when we were just arriving in a place and loaded down with luggage.

Food: What can I say, you gotta eat!  We mostly stuck to cheaper local food though, and only splurged a handful of times.  We were also generously fed by Couchsurfing hosts and at the farm where we stayed.

Lodging:  I’m really proud of how little we spent on lodging.  We only stayed in 3 hostels for a total of 6 nights in our entire time in Colombia.  We Couchsurfed twice and WWOOFed for an entire week, which saved us a lot!

Activities:  We saved a lot here by being picky about what touristy things we did.  Most of our fun comes from cheaper things like hiking, walking around a new city, and just chatting with locals.  We can’t do very many expensive tourist activities on our budget, but that’s okay!

Shopping:  We didn’t buy anything, basically.  We’re waiting for cheaper countries like Peru and Bolivia to pick up souvenirs.

Hygeine/Medical:  You have to pay for most public bathrooms in Colombia.  It´s usually less that $.50, but I have a really small bladder.  When you gotta go, you gotta go!

1 USD=approximately 1850 COP (Colombian pesos).  Just in case you cared.


About Carrie

Carrie's got the traveling bug and thinks "settling down" is overrated. Too many people to meet, places to see, and languages to learn!

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  1. I like how you kept track of your travel expenses and even made a cute pie chart for them. I will try to do the same thing you did the next time I travel. Thanks for sharing.

  2. simone decaneaus

    Do some touristy things for heaven’s sakes! Otherwise it’s like you’re in Tulsa except they speak Spanish.

  3. Surely you mean Wichita? WHen you go, make sure you go to Bubba”s Nekked BBQ. Tell me after you’ve been. It’s AWESOME!

  4. Hi Carrie. Do you have financial summaries for Ecuador and Peru? And I do hope you have a search button somewhere in your blog because I want to refer back to some of your posts like this one. This inspired me to do some travel accounting. Thanks!

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