WWOOFing at Finca Campo Bello

Playing with the awesome kids.

Our first WWOOF experience at Finca Campo Bello outside San Agustín, Colombia, was pretty easy sailing.  And by easy, I mean, we really hardly did any work!  We stayed with a large Colombian family on their big coffee farm.  The house was rustic and largely open air, although it did have power (which went out frequently) and water (pumped from the nearby stream).   The farm also had pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, various dogs cats, and parrots, a fish pond, and a couple horses.  You´d think  with all that there would be plenty of work, but with such a large family and many hired hands, we actually weren´t needed for too much.  So we had a great time playing with the kids and puppies, hiking in the area, learning Spanish, and getting fed 3 huge meals per day!  In the end though, we did get a litle bored with not enough to do, so we left after one week.

And more kid fun on top of a mountain of bagged coffee.

Thomas the puppy!


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Carrie's got the traveling bug and thinks "settling down" is overrated. Too many people to meet, places to see, and languages to learn!

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  1. Great post. I’m in Ecuador now, but will travel to Colombia in 6 months time and I’m really interested in WWOOFing. Finca Campa Bella seems like an ideal place to start. Can you provide me with some contact info for this farm in an email to me? Thanks so much.

  2. Seems good indeed! I am in Salento now. If you could provide the contact information that would be great!

    Warm regards,


  3. My name is John Morales. I am Colombian. I live with my parents in a farm in Pitalito – around 4 kms away. Pitalito is a city/town that is near to San Agustín, Huila – around 35 kms away. We are interested in hosting Wwoofers. Our farm has mainly coffee and sugarcane crops. If you are interested, please write me to to discuss further.

  4. Hey Carrie,

    Do you have an email contact for Finca Campo Bello? Im currently bicycle touring Colombia and is slightly time sensitive before I reach that area. I applied for Colombian wwoof membership but still have not received an acceptance email.


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