Huacachina, A Sandy Oasis

On New Year’s Eve we took a short taxi from Ica, where we had been staying with a CouchSurfing friend, to Huacachina, a small strange little town encircling a lagoon and surrounded by mountains of sand.

Huacachina, Peru

The two main things to do in Huacachina are sandboarding and dune buggy rides.  If you take the hour-long dune buggy ride, they drop you off at two or three spots to try to sandboards.  Most people do it on their stomachs but you can try on your feet; it’s hard though!

The dune buggy was a GREAT time.  It moves through the sand so fast and when you go over the tops of the dunes, your stomach falls out like on a good roller coaster.  Definitely worth the 35 soles ($12) each.

Near midnight we took a rowboat out on the lagoon and brought in the New Year watching the fireworks.  We really liked this silly little oasis.  It’s a one of a kind experience not to miss on your way through Peru.


About Zach

Zach seeks to live a simpler life without the extravagance of American culture. Buy fewer things, need less money, work less, play more.

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  1. That oasis looks beautiful and your last photo is sooo cute!

  2. Boffo Chichester

    Whereza video?

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