Woah!!!!! Something awesome is happening!!!

Hey guys!  We had a momentous day yesterday, with over 150 hits on our site!  This has NEVER happened before!  We usually average around 60 hits perday, so 150 is out of this world!  We are overjoyed but extremely curious!  What made this happen!  Looking at our stats, we see that over 60 hits alone came from people who googed us.  So can you guys please give us some info??  If you googled La Aventura Project yesterday, what made you do it?  We think we must have been featured or linked to somewhere that we do not know about.  So please fill us in, thanks!


About Carrie

Carrie's got the traveling bug and thinks "settling down" is overrated. Too many people to meet, places to see, and languages to learn!

Posted on January 19, 2012, in Uncategorized. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. It is simple. We have been waiting and waiting for day four. Congratulations! Word is getting out.

  2. An advertisement came up on the “Leave a Comment” tab.

  3. Looking for info on backpacking in Patagonia

  4. There was a big Interent Strike against SOPA with most of the big sites all over the world, so that might have been the reason.

    Fucking awesome blog though.

  5. Did you feel the earthquake in Chiapas??????

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