My Travel Quirks

1.  I always wear the same outfit on bus days, like it’s a uniform or something.  It’s because I seem to always get dirty and sweaty from carrying my pack or bus griminess in general, so I wear my work clothes that I don’t care about.  Since I hate doing laundry, my philosophy is that it’s better to have one never-going-to-look-clean outfit then to have many kind-of-dirty ones.

2.  We hate carrying a guidebook around so we hand-copy maps, addresses, and info into a little pocket-sized notebook we carry before going out on adventures.

3.  I seem to lose things more while living out of a backpack than I do while living at home.  I’ve now lost six consecutive crochet hooks needed to maintain my dreadlocks.  Thank God they’re cheap.

4.  I think I can feel myself getting “old” on this trip.  No!  I used to never be able to sleep on buses; now I nod off without even trying to.  I recently fell asleep on top of my backpack on top of a concrete sidewalk.  Way to be an old lady/bum.

5. My two biggest travel pet peeves are BUS CURTAINS and TOILETS WITHOUT SEATS.  Honestly, bus curtains just flap in your face endlessly when the windows are open and block the view. I´ll sleep when it´s dark; I want to see out the window when it´s light!  And if you´re going to build a western toilet, spend the extra $5 and put a seat on it!  If you´re not going to do that, just build a hole in the ground.  Squatting is easier than hovering!

I´m sure there are more of these but that´s all I can think of for now.  Anyone else do or think weird things like this?


About Carrie

Carrie's got the traveling bug and thinks "settling down" is overrated. Too many people to meet, places to see, and languages to learn!

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