We are Zach and Carrie, two twenty-somethings from San Dieogo, California.  This site captures our adventures, proving not all married people are old and boring.

Zach is a chef and Carrie owns a small videography business.  We love to eat, surf, hike, wander the world….  Our hope is to someday own our own bar/restaurant/hostel in some crazy country.  In our travels we look for home.

  1. This sounds amazing! You are totally going to have a great experience; I envy you yet am excited for you – good luck and hope you have a wonderful time!

  2. Sounds amazing!! So excited for you guys 🙂 Love, Sara (friend of Melissa’s!)

  3. It’s going to be amazing! Thanks for the support!

  4. Bieeen!! Esos son los viajes buenos, maravilloso. Si pasan por aca cerca en algun momento, pueden visitarnos!!

  5. Wow! I’m happy I stumbled upon your site. You are quite an inspiration and I wish both of safe travels. Will definitely follow your blog from hereon.

  6. you are journey to Patagomia?

  7. Congratz for the idea, i think that what ur doing may be a way for many people from north america to understand that AMERICA its not only the U.S., by the way you lost sooo much for not coming to Argentina and Chile, its a shame, thought the $ factor limits everything…i just hope that u once again have the chance of coming to this countries, the ppl from other countries that ive met here have given me so many good comments! Cheers!

  8. A total Stranger

    Wish u Good Luck , Love and God be with You

  9. This evening, I met your friend Pam! I’m blanking on her last name, but she works at Children’s Hospital and went to school in Utah. Anyway, she recommended I check out your site! I love the premise and am so curious about how you moved into monetization.

    – Andrea

  10. I discovered your blog through your homemade wine tutorial, but now am so intrigued by you two! You seem very similar in mindset to my husband and I. Neither of us ever wanted a carrier, we just want to explore, be together, live. We do have a little smaller of a plan then you though, just traveling the US. The question that has me wondering… Did / do you both have amazing paying jobs or millionaire parents? Or was it really possible for you to kinda….drift….like I’m hoping to with odd jobs and living off less? Sorry if this information is found somewhere on here, I just got too exited when I read this and want to know more!

  11. Hi Taylor,
    Thanks for your comment and questions. You actually inspired us to maybe write a post about this someday. Neither of us has high paying jobs or millionaire parents. I’ve worked as a server/bartender/freelance videographer for the past 6 years. Zach has been an electrician/boat rental guy/cook. So definitely not in the upper echelon of incomes! We’ve worked really hard to save money and taken advantage of opportunities. When we were saving $$ for our big Latin America trip we were living rent free, house-sitting for Zach’s parents. When we’re traveling we’re always looking for work exchanges and ways to stay places cheaply. So you too can do it!!!!

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