We are Zach and Carrie, an American married-but-not-boring backpacking couple collectively known as “Zacarrie”.  Travel gives us inspiration and hope for the world.  Our site brings all of our stories together through words, photography, and video and we hope you can find inspiration as well.

Zach and Carrie – Hardcore Backpacking Badasses

Why “La Aventura Project”?

Our first big trip together was a 7-month backpacking adventure through the Spanish-speaking world of Latin America!  Since then we’ve continued to budget travel through other continents, having many “aventuras” along the way!

Where We’ve Been:

In 2011 we left our cozy lives in the United States to backpack through South America and Central America eating, writing, and exploring along the way. We hiked to Machu Picchu in Peru, explored the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, and witness the eruption of a volcano in Ecuador.

In 2014 life took us to Europe and Morocco where we ventured far into the Sahara desert.

In early 2017 we hit up Mexico and Cuba in the brief time that we were allowed to go there by the US government.  In late 2017 we quit our jobs, sold everything, and embarked on a huge road trip through the West Coast National Parks.  We lived in our tent and focused on rock climbing, stopping at our 4th Burning Man along the way.  After the Burn we flew over the pond to Southeast Asia to start a new life as digital nomads in Thailand.

Our newest projects are our yoga and adventure retreat company Bigger Life Adventures and our marketing and social media agency Global Traveler Networks.  Check out their pages for a whole lot of awesome!

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  • Hey Zach, Cool website. I wish I had the know how,and motivation years ago to document my travels like you are doing. I can’t wait to see the movie. It takes alot of balls, and command over your own lives to do what you are doing. Screw the indentured servitude system, and the assholes at the top of it. Unfortunately the U.S dollar is still is our master for a while anyway so make sure you can fund your future somehow.
    I’ve traveled alone for months on my motorcycle on two different trips across mexico, and understand totally the sentiment of your posts about not conforming, travelling for life, and such, I actually worked the agave fields in Oaxaca for a while for gas money to ride back home. The time of my life… Oh yeah… I work with your dad and talk to him most every day he worries about you. remember the best way to react to a sticky situation is to smile, and act like like you don’t know what being said/ or whats going on. LOL. ben-salazar@sbcglobal.net

  • Zach!!! we need to catch up… you can tell me about South America and I’ll tell you some stories about my 20 hour trips to Vegas…lol!

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