Horizonte Surf Resort and Restaurant in El Zonte, El Salvador

Horizonte Surf Resort and Restaurant, on the shore of one of the best surf spots in El Salvador, is a friendly and relaxed place to spend your time on the Playa El Zonte.  Less than 20km from La Libertad, El Zonte is a small village with a lot of potential to one day be full of major resorts.  But for now it’s still that much more enjoyable tiny town full of thatched-roofed houses and a couple beach beer-drinking hangouts.  Horizonte has everything you need for short or long stints, and prices for the backpacker’s budget.  The rooms and new, spotless, and pleasantly bug free.  Each room has its own powerful air-conditioner and a fan and clothesline to assist in drying swimsuits.  The middle of the complex is set around a large pool that is a great place to swim and catch some sun if you don’t feel like getting sandy in the ocean across the street.  There is a small bar in the back of the facility that serves water, sodas, Gatorade, and cervezas.  And, although internet is still hard to come by in El Zonte, there is a shared connected laptop that you can use to check your Facebook and Email.

The highlights of Horizonte Surf Resort are the large kidney pool, a parrot and an iguana to provide Animal Planet-esque entertainment, and their fantastic restaurant located right on the beach.  Watch the waves as you are served an appetizing selection of local and international dishes.  The huge, great-value portions are sometimes hard to finish.  While there, I enjoyed a red snapper that was served whole, fat, and maybe 14 inches in length.  They also offer sushi on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday nights.  The staff provide great service and are always smiling and happy.  They really make you feel at home.

So take a break from real life, and head to Horizonte Surf Camp to get started on the surfing adventure you’ve always imagined.  Even if you are just passing through and don’t need a room, don’t miss out on their restaurant; the food is a must-eat on any trip to El Zonte.



Surf lessons

Surfboard rentals ($10 per day)

Surf lessons ($20 per session)




Address:  The bus will drop you off at the road to the beach.  Walk down it until you dead-end at the beach and Horizonte is on the left.

Phone:  (503) 7737-1269; (503) 7873-6446; (503) 2355-7337

Email:  horizonte@micorreomepaga.com

Website: www.horizontesurfresort.com


Dormitory: $10

Room with fan (single/double): $15/$20

Room with air-conditioning (single/double/triple): $30/$45/$60

This post is sponsored by Horizonte Surf Resort.


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