Hostal Dulce Sueño in Managua, Nicaragua

Hostal Dulce Sueño is a chill and friendly retreat in the middle of Nicaragua’s capital city, Managua. Offering comfy rooms with TVs, a colorful rooftop hangout area, and a shared kitchen, Hostal Dulce Sueño has everything you need for a comfortable stay in the city.

Hostal Dulce Sueño in Managua, Nicaragua

Managua is the transportation hub, with an international airport and flights and buses to all domestic locations. It also has it’s own attractive, historic downtown, as well as a hopping bar scene. Hostal Dulce Sueño is right next to the TicaBus station, for easy access to transportation. They can prepare breakfast if you want, arrange tours around the city, have a stash of books, TV, and relaxing hammocks.

Hostal Dulce Sueño

Unfortunately we found a couple big downsides to Hostal Dulce Sueño. The hostel has quite a problem with bugs which we hope could be controlled better. Ants, mosquitoes, flies, roaches, and lizards were all spotted in our room. Also, the staff seems to be lacking in some vital hospitality skills. When our friend needed a late-night taxi to to the airport, we asked the front desk if he would call one for us. He replied that he didn’t have any taxis phone numbers and didn’t know how to look one up. Having to hail a random cab on the street in Managua at 10pm was a totally unnecessary risk. Running a hostel and not having any taxi numbers on file is a major mess-up! Despite these issues, its convenient location right next to TicaBus does make Hostal Dulce Sueños worth considering.

Services Offered:
Shared kitchen
Book exchange
Fans in rooms
TVs in rooms
Laundry service available
Breakfast upon request

Address: 50 meters east of the Ticabus office

Phone: (505)22284125 or (505)84240272



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3 thoughts on “Hostal Dulce Sueño in Managua, Nicaragua

  • Sweet dreams???????? What’s a shard kitchen???? And what about that view on the roof?

  • i stayed at this hostal a few months a go real nice place but the guy who works there is a real ass hole carlos he acts like he is a guest instead of a employeehe has his family in the hostal all the time its like his family lives there you can hardly cook because he or his family are alway there cooking and eating the guy is a straighjt up pig he cooks and eats and just leaves dirty dishes and food out all day so the maid can do them the next day he steals the customers food and trys to get in there pockeet ever chance he can the guy is just a low life mooch dont stay there if this fat lazy piece of shit still works there he is a scum bag and will wreck you stay at what would be a nice place with out this loser

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