Just wanted to send a quick thanks to our readers.  When we started this blog last February, we got a lot of different feedback such as:  How are you going to pay for it?  Do they speak English there?  Those aren´t safe countries to travel to!  You are riding on BUSES?!  There are drugs EVERYWHERE!?…  Along with others.  To be fair, there were encouraging people, but I think this post will be about rubbing it in the faces of all our doubters.  So here is to nearly 4 amazing months on the road, and over 5 months left until we have to return to the U.S. of A.  But we won´t be returning to real life, because real life is for chumps.  We hope that the adventure will last forever, because these are our lives we are talking about, and we want to make the best of them.  So again, thanks for reading and hopefully everyone enjoys hearing our stories as much as we enjoy telling them.  Here´s to another great year for La Aventura Project!

10 thoughts on “OUR BLOG IS ONE YEAR OLD!!!

  • Really! A thank you and name calling all in one! How kind of you! Way to encourage continued readership!

    Signed, Happy Chump

  • So, if you will return to the U.S. and not be “chumps”like the rest of us, then you will not need housing, money, or any kind of assistance from the chumps( i.e. friends and family) in making a life for yourselves back here?

  • Zach and Carrie, Just got the latest post and had to go back to see what was SOOOO offensive. BTW, I was not offended in the least on reading this the first time ’round. But, I think you should remember that not everyone following you, knows you. I can easily see how a flippant statement, made in fun, you chumps, could be misunderstood as a slam by some of us who are following you vicariuosly from our chumpy desktops. Realize that many of us would love to be in your shoes. But as easy as you believe your lifestyle is to attain, many people would be uncomfortable with some of the openended, unplanned aspects of it. Another fatherly message that I want to convey to you is; As independant as you currently are from the constraints of our Americano lifestyle, you have requested and received support from a lot of us back here. It was THAT lifestyle that gave you the opportunity to be who and where you are today. We love you and what you are doing for yourselves and for us in this process, continue to be good ambassadors and keep helping us to see the world as a smaller place.


  • All joking aside, the way I see it is that people who are called to a different path than the so called norm or what is currently being accepted by society oftentimes and historically face a lot of push back. I don’t know how one person can necessary dictate what is “better” for another person. I feel for Carrie and Zach for pushing and following through on a plan that suits them. In many situations it’s a shame to hear another judge and say something is wrong or tell someone they are crazy for doing something different.

    I guess it goes both ways. I currently sit at a desk 40 hours a week, no doubt there are days when I do feel like a chump (and would call myself a chump) and feel like I am making no difference whatsoever (even though I am contributing to my 401k, holding a steady job, etc). There are, however (and luckily), discoveries I am making every day though experiencing the normalities of life and observing/being attentive to what life presents which allows me to hone my skills and devise future plans. I intend on traveling, starting businesses, and in general being a positive influence in the world. I have no idea where life will take me, which is the great thing about life, it is not certain. All of our experiences affect us and will take us to action now or sometime in the future once we discover something else which leads to a connection between a past experience and new experience and results in a new idea.

    I think Carrie and Zach may have a similar mentality; I am trying my hardest every day to be the best, grow the most, discover, appreciate, and have the most meaningful and enjoyable life that I can create for myself, regardless if I am sitting at a desk making $20 an hour or writing in a personal journal at the top of Machu Picchu making $0. It is hard to be different, choose a different path, go against the grain, but in doing so, pushing limits, gaining/sharing different experiences is when the most progress and discovery is made. For all those who are searching for better solutions and discoveries, whatever stage you are at, I commend you. Good things to come. To me, that is what it’s all about and I hope that others who read this can relate.

    Nothing like a little, Hey, look! I did it! when it felt like everyone was against you.

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