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I always try to read and research a lot about places before I go there.  I think it’s important to read more than just the travel guides and actually delve into the history and literature of places I’ll be traveling.  It gives me a lot more insight and helps me not feel like an idiot when talking to locals.  Here are the books I’ve already read or plan to read in preparation for this trip:

I read this in the fall and hope to read more of Marquez's books.
This is the book that Hugo Chavez famously gave Obama as a gift. It's supposedly a really critical history of imperialism in Latin America. I can't wait to read it.
Zach is reading this now but I call it next! Maybe I'll make him write a book report on here when he's done.
I found all of these books used on for a couple dollars each when I searched "South America"

And of course the two essentials:

This will be our Bible.
I'm trying to do one chapter per week of this book.

 That’s what I’ve got so far!  Please leave any recommendations in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Reading List

  • Heyo! Yes, I agree… and I have the luxury of traveling with such people mentioned above (who research a lot about places before they go…)! Not that I am slacking off…but I enjoy so much to be in the company of people who not only care about something, but have passion for it! For the first time I am going face first into something (South America) with people who are learning and eagerly anticipating the experience full-fledged! (Typically – in many of my experiences, I am the only one who cares (or the one who cares the most) about planning, learning, preparing, etc, etc…. So to put it lightly…to find people who are doing this….makes me even more excited than ever! At the moment, I may be a little behind in my “South America” studies (with the exception of having South America on a shoestring sitting next to me…), but I am learning everyday about people and about myself and am ready now more than ever to dive head first into this journey!

    Love you Carrie. Keep reading! Teach me! 😉 I promise I will catch up in my reading!! (and learning Spanish!) 😉 – <3 – mel

    • You don’t need to worry so much about catching up! You have a job where you actually work instead of just surfing the internet all day like me! And I am just as thrilled to have YOU, one of the most passionate and energetic people I know, accompanying me on this trip! And yes, Hablar espanol es muy importante!

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