Baja, Mexico Financial Summary

Baja Road Trip Financial Summary

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Exchange Rate: $1=approximately 12 Mexican pesos

Total Money Spent: $1387

Total Days: 9

Per Person Per Day: $77

Wow!  Obviously, that’s quite a lot compared to our previous travel budgets!  However, this was our honeymoon, so we spent a lot more willingly then we did when we were penniless backpackers without jobs!

Transportation is almost all gas, since we were driving.  Gas costs about $3.80 per gallon in Baja right now.  The roads are so curvy and hilly that you don’t get very good gas mileage though.

We also had only one free place to stay on this trip.  If we had had more time to plan, I would’ve tried harder to book hostel reviews or find Couchsurfing hosts, but we just didn’t have the time, what with planning a wedding and all!  Our Cabo hotel we found on Living Social, and it was a great deal.  Other places we managed to find campsites or hotel rooms for $15-30.

You can definitely do Baja cheaper, if you take buses and camp and don’t go out as much.  We had a great honeymoon and feel pretty content with the bang we got for our buck.

We Got Cabo-ed!

cabo road trip
Medano Beach, Cabo San Lucas

The ultimate destination on our grand Mexican road trip was of course, the very end of the Baja Penninsula, Cabo San Lucas!  Famous as a raucous spring break destination, Cabo brings to mind images of unruly American teenagers pouring tequila down each others throats on the beach.  Not exactly our scene.  However, we had to see it.

Drinking margaritas at Sammy Hagar's world famous "Cabo Wabo" bar. cabo road trio
Drinking margaritas at Sammy Hagar’s world famous “Cabo Wabo” bar.

Thanks to Living Social we scored a great deal on a really nice suite in a beachfront hotel outside of town, Marbella Suites en La Playa.  It was the nicest place we’ve ever paid for and being there for four nights made the trip really feel like a honeymoon!  Normally we’re very “get up and go” travelers, but after all the stress and activity of wedding planning, we found ourselves craving a typical, relaxed vacation for the first time ever.  So, relax we did!  Our stay involved a lot of pool time, reading, watching movies, and hanging out with another couple we befriended.  It was exactly what we needed!

Pool at our hotel on cabo road trip
Pool at Marbella
Romantic dinner on the beach

We did get out for some surfing a couple times (waves too big for us!), explored downtown Cabo (it really is the Las Vegas of Mexico), and found the best taco shop in the history of the world!  Asi y Asado had the greatest selection of taco bases (vegetarian, every kind of fish, beef, chicken, etc.) and the biggest toppings bar we’d ever seen!  We’d each order two tacos and then pile them high with condiments, still unable to try everything!  SO GOOD.

Colorful mural at our favorite taco place. cabo road trip
Colorful mural at our favorite taco place
Help! My taco is too stuffed! cabo road trip
Help! My taco is too stuffed!

Stunning beaches, an abundance of activities, and outrageous parties make Cabo a great destination if you want it all.  I don’t think we need to go back anytime soon, but we definitely had a blast on our Cabo road trip!

cabo road trip
Sunset over the end of the penninsula

This was the farthest we could go on our Cabo Road Trip down the peninsula of Baja Mexico.

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La Paz and Todos Santos. Road Tripping Baja Mexico

After a nice night camping with the serenading of frogs in San Ignacio, we jumped back in the car and continued road tripping Baja Mexico. Our next stop was the capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz.  The first half of the trip wound through the mountains and took us to our first glimpse of the Sea Of Cortez, with it’s amazing blue waters and lazy beach towns.   We wished we had more time to kick back and get lost, but we had places to get to; Cabo was waiting for us.    Needing a break, we stopped and had some tacos at a random shack along the road, right on the water.  The first thing that hit us as we exited the car was the extreme heat.  Que calor!  Dusty wasn’t liking it very much at all either.

The road eventually made its way inland and we found ourselves on what seemed like the world’s straightest road through the world’s biggest desert.  It didn’t get any cooler either.  After about seven hours we again saw the Sea of Cortez and the city of La Paz lying beside it.

La Paz, Mexico Road tripping baja mexico We got a 240 peso hotel room (about $20, Pensíon California) and walked around in search of more tacos.  Ended up getting our first gorditas, similar to arepas we had in Colombia, a stuffed pastry type thing.  Then we of course finished the night with some ice cream!

Super Tacos Baja California - Road tripping Baja Mexico
Super Tacos Baja California

The next morning we found the taco truck that was supposed to be the best in the city (according to Lonely Planet) camped out right in front of our hotel.  They had nine different kinds of fish tacos and we stuffed our faces before starting out on our last drive for a few days.   It was really had to find the road out of the city as there were no proper signs.  Eventually, after asking about six different people we finally were back on the road to Cabo, our final destination.

We took the Highway 19 because it took us through the small town of Todos Santos.  Famous for its art galleries and Hawaii-like surfing (barrels people, we didn’t even think about it), Todos Santos was full of gringos and everything was way too expensive for us.  Cool stuff though!

Art and souvenirs in Todos Santos. Road Tripping Baja Mexico
Art and souvenirs in Todos Santos.
Carrie likes awesome murals.
Carrie likes awesome murals.
Zach in Todos Santos
Zach in Todos Santos

After wandering through Todos Santos for an hour, we felt we had seen it all and hopped back in the car to finish road tripping Baja Mexico all the way to Los Cabos at the end of the peninsula!

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