Our junk

Top 5 Things We’re Glad We Brought

  1. Chacos…the best, most comfortable, most durable sandals in the world
  2. Travel towel…it’s basically a Shamwow!  It’s tiny and it dries so fast!
  3. A tent…camping has saved us money on accommodation so many times!
  4. Sleeping bags…although bulky, they don’t weight much and we need them when camping.  It’s cold at altitude!
  5. A Nook…1000 books in one tiny device…such an amazing space-saver and endless entertainment!

Top 5 Things We Wish We Brought

  1. A telephoto lens…we have wished we had one SOOOO many times when trying to shoot wildlife or other closeups that my 18-55mm just can’t cut it for.
  2. A watch…it’s annoying to have to turn on some electronic every time we want to know what time it is.  Also, the best alarm we have is on an iPod and that still doesn’t wake us up all the time.
  3. Better headlamps…one is totally dead, the other is hanging onto life by a thread of duct tape
  4. Well, we can’t think of anything else so I guess we didn´t pack too horribly!


SCORE! Not even a month after we decided to start planning our grand adventure, my dad found an awesome vintage Jansport backpack on the curb that one of his neighbors was giving away. It seems like a solid piece of equiptment, although I’m not familar enough with backpacking to know how much of a difference the advancements on the new models make. I was at my old neighbor’s apartment the other day and he showed me his backpack that he bought recently – it is not as big as the one I have (pictured) so I don’t think it would work for our trip, but it certainly was nice and made me ponder the advantages/disadvantages of the backpack that fell into my hands.

Any thoughts?

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