Ruta de Las Flores – Adventures in El Salvador

The Ruta de Las Flores is supposedly the number one tourist attraction in El Salvador’s burgeoning tourist scene.  That being said, we still hardly saw any other foreigners traveling it!  The route includes three small towns up in the coffee-growing hills of western El Salvador.  Good food, quaint markets, and beautiful scenery were the highlights.  The lowlight: unfortunately it rained for a couple hours every day!  But what can you do?  It is the rainy season.

We started in Juayúa, home to a famous weekend food fair.  It was the same vibe as a carnival or state fair back home, except with different delicacies and lower prices of course!

ruta de las flores
Booths selling delicious treats
ruta de las flores
Steak, sausage, grilled potatoes, rice, cheesy tortillas, salsa, and chimichurri!

The next day we continued a few kilometers down the road to Apaneca, the smallest town on the route.  We didn’t find out until we got there that our hostel was located about 5km uphill from where the bus dropped us off, in the smaller village of Laguna Verde.  Lucky for us, hitchhiking is easy in the country and we caught a ride in a pickup truck bed most of the way up the hill.  We bought some great coffee in Apaneca and hiked to the small but pretty Laguna Verde.

ruta de las flores
Look at all that fog!

Our last stop, Concepción de Ataco, was our favorite.  It was a bigger town with gorgeous blue and white churches, tons of public murals, and lots of awesome craft stores.  If you stay anywhere for more than one night, we would recommend it be here!

ruta de las flores
Ataco street murals

ruta de las flores

ruta de las flores
Our daily dose of ice cream from La Neveria, which we highly recommend
ruta de las flores
Can you see me?

Travel in El Salvador during the rainy season is a little tricky, but once you get the pattern down you can work around it.  It usually rains in the early afternoon for a couple hours and you just have to wait it out.  On the Ruta de Las Flores, the towns are so close that you can easily arrive at your next stop and stash your stuff before the downpour.

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Portezuelo Park in Juayúa, El Salvador

Portezuelo Park

Portezuelo Park, outside Juayúa, El Salvador, boasts an “extreme nature” experience for guests seeking a little R&R or a little adventure.  The park offers the whole range of accommodation types for all budgets, from a modern hotel-style lodge, to luxury tents on platforms with beds inside, to basic bring-your-own-tent camping.

The lodge includes one suite with a king-sized bed and private bathroom, several smaller bedrooms with a shared bathroom, a living room, library, and a screened-in front porch.

Portezuelo Park

The building, while inconspicuous on the outside, is super stylish and multi-colored inside.  It really wakes you up and makes you happy to be surrounded by local art, tye-dyed curtains, and Crayola-colored walls.  The platform tents also offer a bit of extra comfort to the camping experience.  All tent areas are served by shared bathrooms and showers.

Portezuelo Park

Portezuelo Park is very activity-oriented, with guided hikes, mountain bike rides, horseback rides, and a high ropes course available for reasonable prices.  There’s a restaurant on site serving breakfast.  The surrounding cloud forrest is full of coffee plantations (you can buy awesome local coffee on site), and stunning scenery.  Only 6km away, Juayúa has unmissable weekend food festival and awesome craft shops.

Services Offered:

Breakfast available ($5 per person)

Free drinking water

Hot water

Fireplaces and fire pits

Guided hikes ($5-12 per person depending on length)

Guided bike rides ($25 per person)

Guided horseback rides ($12-35 per person depending on length)

High ropes course ($15-20 per person)

Camping equipment rental

Address: Cantón San Juan de Dios, carretera antigua a Ahuachapán, a 7km de Juayúa, Sonsonate.

Phone: 2265-1111




Suite in lodge (holds up to 3 people, private bathroom): $65

Room in lodge (holds up to 4 people, shared bathroom): $55

Entire lodge (holds up to 13 people): $225

Platform tent (2/3/4/5 people): $35/$45/$65/$76

Basic camping: $5 per person

This post was sponsored by Portezuelo Park.