Hotel Casa Barcelona in Granada, Nicaragua

Hotel Casa Barcelona - Granada, Nicaragua

Ah, Hotel Casa Barcelona! What a gem!  I really did not know what I would find in Granada, Nicaragua. Would it be nice? Dirty? Safe? Dangerous? Tranquil? Busy? What I ended up finding (a little to my surprise) was an exceptionally amazing place perfect for resting, relaxing and taking in the true beauty of Nicaragua. Immediately when I arrived I was greeted by two amazing women who offered me a drink (which I gladly accepted). “How was your trip?” “Did you find it here okay?”, they asked. We talked for a while as I told them about my recent travels and as they told me the story about Hotel Casa Barcelona. “It is meant to feel like home,” one of the women said. As I settled in to my cozy room surrounded by amazing gardens, I indeed began to feel at home.

My time at Hotel Casa Barcelona was short and, therefore, I don’t have many experiences to tell. To be quite honest, I spent my night there sleeping, watching TV (at the time, I had not watched TV in over a month), and soaking in the beauty of the garden. While I did not get the chance to try it, their dinner menu (located in each room) is fairly expansive, and the food is both fairly priced and very delicious looking. I did get a chance to try some different, fresh squeezed juices and they were positively delicious!

The next morning I had to catch a very early bus but even in one short night, I truly felt at home. It was a much-needed break from the life of backpacking and I would highly recommend Hotel Casa Barcelona in Granada, Nicaragua to any person looking for a piece of home while traveling abroad.


Free tourist information.

Beautiful gardens.

Dinner/food available for purchase.

Lockers provided in dorms. Secure outside gate.

Recommended for:

Those wishing to relax/revitalize.


Older travelers (they have great beds!)



Phone: (505) 2552 7438 – Cellular: (505) 8880 4075


Location:  Hotel Casa Barcelona is located in a small residential area of Granada. No matter where you are coming from, you’ll want to go to the center of town and find the Mercado. Because the hotel is in a residential area, it can be a bit hard even though it’s only about five minutes from the Mercado. If you have problems finding it, just ask someone where (most locals know where a lot of hotels/hostels are and will be able to help you with ease). Staying in residential neighborhoods can sometimes be scary or confusing, but the neighborhood of Hotel Casa Barcelona is very nice and secure and the people are all very friendly.

When taking a taxi around or out of Granada, it is cheapest to obtain a taxi yourself. For example, taking the taxi in connection with the hotel to the bus station costs about $5 whereas a taxi caught and taken by yourself costs about $.50.


My room.  Beautiful and very homey!


Outside of the rooms.


Lock…safe and secure!


Double room.  Love the towel swans!


Another double room!


Dorms.  Definitely not your typical dorm!

Hotel El Almirante in Granada, Nicaragua

Hotel El Almirante, located in the heart of colonial Granada, Nicaragua, is a quiet and comfortable accommodation with all the services necessary for a luxurious stay.

Hotel El Almirante in Granada, Nicaragua

Rooms are bright and spiffy, with air-conditioning, mini-refrigerators, cable TV, and impeccable hot-water bathrooms.  The pool glints in Granada’s sunlight, a pleasant escape from the heat.

Hotel El Almirante in Granada, Nicaragua

Hotel El Almirante also includes a restaurant and bar serving tasty barbecues, 2-for-1 cocktails, and anything else you might want.  The premises is locked and guarded by a security guard at night, and each room has a safe, making it a secure place to stay.  The staff can provide information about sights and activities around Granada.  With it’s comfortable rooms and pool, Hotel El Almirante is the perfect place to relax in between your explorations of Granada.



Swimming pool


TV with cable

Refrigerator with minibar



Bilingual staff


In-room safes


Calle Corrales 111
Ferreteria Datisa
1/2 Cuadra al Lago
Granada, Nicaragua


Phone:  (505) 2552-4628 or (505) 2552-4635



Single – $65

Double – $97

Triple – $125