Parque Arqueologico, San Agustin, Colombia

One day in San Agustín, we walked from the Maya Hostal 2.5 kilometers to the Parque Arqueologico just outside of town.  After being in the town for almost a week it was strange to actually find the restaurants listed in our Lonely Planet guidebook.  They are the over priced places selling the same rice and fried plantains that are all over town, they are just on the tourist path to the park.  After reaching the park, we entered for about $5 each for the basic package–walk around and explain it to yourself.  Famous ancient statues are layed out over a series of trails through some thick forest.  There are about 50 different statues of various heights and depictions.  Some have angry faces with crazy hats and most of them with different things in their hands.

Parque Arqueologico, San Agustin, ColombiaParque Arqueologico, San Agustin, Colombia

The statues are in Parque Arqueologico, San Agustin, Colombia are in very good shape for being between one and two thousand years old.  There is also lots of awesome plantlife along the way.

The path was actually not that easy.  We broke a hard sweat climbing up hill in the humid weather and were soon wondering why we decided to walk the long way around.  But we had to see everything of course.  Eventually there was even a dog that followed us for part of the trail, posing for Carrie’s pictures.  Once the rain started to come in we hurried home.  We were ready to hit the streets in town for some cheap emanadas and maybe a Poker (the best Colombian beer) or two.

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WWOOFing Colombia at Coffee Farm Finca Campo Bello

Playing with the awesome kids.

WWOOFING Colombia was something that we wanted to do for a long time.  Our first WWOOF experience at Finca Campo Bello outside San Agustín, Colombia, was pretty easy sailing.  And by easy, I mean, we really hardly did any work!  We stayed with a large Colombian family on their big coffee farm.  The house was rustic and largely open air, although it did have power (which went out frequently) and water (pumped from the nearby stream).   The farm also had pigs, guinea pigs, rabbits, turkeys, chickens, various dogs cats, and parrots, a fish pond, and a couple horses.  You´d think  with all that there would be plenty of work, but with such a large family and many hired hands, we actually weren´t needed for too much.  So we had a great time playing with the kids and puppies, hiking in the area, learning Spanish, and getting fed 3 huge meals per day!  In the end though, we did get a litle bored with not enough to do, so we left after one week.

WWOOFING Colombia WWOOF Coofee
And more kid fun on top of a mountain of bagged coffee.
Thomas the puppy!

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Maya Hostal, San Agustin, Colombia

Maya Hostal in San Agustin ColombiaThe Maya Hostal in San Agustín, Colombia, was a pleasure to stumble into late one night after a long day of buses.  When our taxi dropped us off at the door, we were greeted by a chubby and animated man named Mario.  “Super Mario”, we later learned, is his preferred nickname.  He and his wife Yaneth run the hostel with some help from their young-adult daughters.  We ended up staying at the Maya Hostal for one night before going to our WWOOF farm and then for two more nights at the end of our time in San Agustín.

Maya Hostal in San Agustin Colombia
Spacious, airy dormitory

The hostel is reasonably priced, with private rooms with shared bathrooms for about 15,000 COP per person per night, or dormitories for 10,000 COP per person per night.  Mario will also give you a increasingly better price the longer you stay.  The dormitories are spacious and the beds are comfortable.  We actually had a whole dorm room to ourselves!  The bathrooms are clean and modern.  The whole hostel is really interesting looking, as it’s built into the side of a hill so the giant rocks which form the hillside protrude into some of the rooms and are painted vibrant colors to fit in with the decor.  The hostel spans about 4 stories with all the common rooms exposed to open air.  There’s a kitchen available for guest use, 2 dining areas, laundry, and an awesome rooftop lounge with hammocks and a great view over the town.

Maya Hostal in San Agustin Colombia
Rooftop chill space

As we entered the hostel for the first time, Mario described the amenities in slow, easy-to-understand Spanish.  Free coffee, free juice, free hot water, free Wifi, free use of the kitchen, cheap meals available, and information on local tours.  We had a great time at Maya Hostal, as there is always an energetic young crowd of travelers hanging out in the hammocks, as well as the charming and hilarious Super Mario and family.  I would highly recommend the Maya Hostal to anyone passing through San Agustín!

Disclaimer:  I didn’t receive anything from Maya Hostal for writing this post.  I just like to give credit where credit is due!

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