The Last Stop – San Salvador

San Salvador was just…meh.  Supposedly it has the best nightlife in Central America but we didn’t really have time or energy to explore that.  The city is sprawling, noisy, crowded, polluted, and dirty.  We wanted to see more historical sights but everything is so spread out and we were just kind of tired and focused on making it to our flight in one piece.  So we wandered around the centro for a few hours and didn’t do much else.

san salvador
The cathedral
san salvador
Iglesia El Rosario

san salvador

I know we missed a lot in San Salvador, but it wasn’t one of our favorite cities, and honestly, we were pretty burned out.  Luckily we made it to the airport and we’re now at home sleeping for about a week to recover from all our 8 months of adventures!  Thanks for following along everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Last Stop – San Salvador

  • OMG!!! I am so sorry about what happened to both of you lately, I have being reading all your adventures, you have to come back with more energies though, haha.. hope you won´t forget about this trip, please keep in touch, it was my pleasure have met you both, have a nice flight, and a pleasant sleep and rest for one week hahaha… 🙂 keep in touch don´t forget about me!!
    Regards Rosy 🙂
    God Bless you both!
    from Villa Napoli Bed & Breakfast , Santa Ana , El Salvador

  • you need to go into el rosario church its like a rainbow in trust me you will like it when you get to belize you will visit the capital city also

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