Surfing El Salvador – Waves Too Big For Us!

Surfing El Salvador - Waves Too Big For Us!

From San Salvador, Bus 102 makes frequent trips to La Libertad, the center of surfers’ paradise in El Salvador.  West of La Libertad is La Costa del Balsamo, a string of small beaches, lots of them sporting world-class surf breaks.  We wanted to catch a few waves in El Zonte which was listed as better for beginners, but unfortunately the waves were huge and only a few very talented guys were out in the water.  Surfing El Salvador seemed like it wasn’t going to happen this round.

Surfing El Salvador - Waves Too Big For Us!

Even though we didn’t surf, we spent a couple nice days enjoying the chill life in a beach town that contains only a couple hostels and a few small restaurants.  We took a walk along the road to find a high point for some pictures.  El Salvador has some amazing flowering trees that pop up in our pictures sometimes.

Surfing El Salvador - Waves Too Big For Us!

We cannot wait to come back to these places once we have a little more experience riding the waves.  The people we saw out there were getting so much speed on some amazing rides.  WE WILL RETURN!!!

Surfing El Salvador - Waves Too Big For Us!

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2 thoughts on “Surfing El Salvador – Waves Too Big For Us!

  • La costa del Balsamo in El Salvador is a great place for surfers but as well for those looking some relax! We stayed in El Sunzal, which is a small town, but for those looking for parties, nice restaurants and some night life we strongly recommend to stay at El Tunco.

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