Team Bios

Carrie grew up in Iowa and then Ohio as a shy band geek/theater nerd. While attending Hofstra University in New York, her love for film and interest in world cultures blossomed simultaneously. At Hofstra she wrote/directed/edited/screwed around on several student films and interned at Jigsaw Productions for Oscar-winning documentary director Alex Gibney. In 2007 she traveled to Kenya to volunteer at an orphanage for the summer and later made the documentary Mzungu about her experience. After graduating in 2008 with a BA in Film Studies and Production, she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Tanzania. During her Peace Corps stint she learned to speak Swahili, plant permaculture gardens, endure long and torturous bus rides, go nine days without bathing, and enjoy warm beer. Almost all of those skills also came in handy in Latin America.   After returning from Latin America, Carrie began her own freelance videography business,  Her wide range of interests includes reading, couchsurfing, Broadway, cooking and baking, snowboarding, music, yoga,  hiking, photography, chocolate, and ice cream. She blogs about life at Carrie, Onwards!

Zach grew up in the small country town of Swanton in northwest Ohio.  As a child he enjoyed music and studied piano privately from the age of six.  During his early teens, he traveled through mid-western United States and Ontario, Canada playing hockey.  In high school he enjoyed baseball and continued with his musical studies.  After high school, Zach moved to Columbus and attended The Ohio State University studying aerospace engineering.  Reading and writing were a large part of his life while traveling through America, now he’s becoming a master chef in San Diego.  When not working he enjoys snowboarding, surfing, hiking, climbing, partying with homemade wine and beer, magnets, gardening, song-writing, and playing piano and guitar.

Together Carrie and Zach spent one year in Arizona working to afford their South American adventure.  They are avid Couchsurfers and have taken countless road trips through the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  They traveled in Latin America for seven months straight and are now living in San Diego, California, working and running their own film production company.


Contributing Hostel Reviewers:

Helen grew up small-town style in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains.  She spent her childhood summers traveling and camping around Canada and the United States.  After graduating high school, she spent the next 4 years studying psychology, bioethics, theology and trying to learn Spanish.  Now as a travel hungry, recent college grad, she is ready to see the world, eat good food, meet awesome people and continue to learn!


photoFlorian has been traveling around the world since June 2011.
He usually likes doing things in sprints rather than marathons.
He studied computer science at university because it was the most
obvious thing to do. Now he is studying the human condition out of
curiosity.Now he’s also running this crazy experiment:
not caring what other people think about me.



DSC09239 smallHendrik born 1977 in Bochum, Germany.  Studied business, worked as “controller” (kind of inhouse consultant) the last 10 years.  First long-time travel after finishing university (Central America for 7 month). Since then addicted to travel, but mostly within short holiday periods. Since November 2012 he is backpacking around South America for approx. 9 month. Maybe Asia afterwards…


Tikal (35)-1Shannon grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and had never ventured particularly far from home, although she considered herself a traveler. That all changed in 2009 when she decided to take a year-long, round-the-world trip…all by herself! She’s now traveled solo to 20+ countries and has no plans of stopping any time soon. She currently lives in San Diego and dreams of making it to South America and Antarctica so she can finally say that she’s been on all seven continents. Shannon blogs about her travels at

  1. Quit the duo yo!

  2. Hey Zach, Cool website. I wish I had the know how,and motivation years ago to document my travels like you are doing. I can’t wait to see the movie. It takes alot of balls, and command over your own lives to do what you are doing. Screw the indentured servitude system, and the assholes at the top of it. Unfortunately the U.S dollar is still is our master for a while anyway so make sure you can fund your future somehow.
    I’ve traveled alone for months on my motorcycle on two different trips across mexico, and understand totally the sentiment of your posts about not conforming, travelling for life, and such, I actually worked the agave fields in Oaxaca for a while for gas money to ride back home. The time of my life… Oh yeah… I work with your dad and talk to him most every day he worries about you. remember the best way to react to a sticky situation is to smile, and act like like you don’t know what being said/ or whats going on. LOL.

  3. who is that young lass?

  4. Zach!!! we need to catch up… you can tell me about South America and I’ll tell you some stories about my 20 hour trips to Vegas…lol!

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