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La Aventura Project is looking for travelers in South and Central America to write hostel and hotel reviews for our directory.  We are seeking to create a large collection of user centered reviews about American hostels and backpacker friendly issues.

The perks: Stay in hostels and hotels FOR FREE, and get a link to your blog or website on each review you write for us.

The requirements: Good English writing, and professional  photographs!

For more information contact us at

Hablamos espanol tambien.  Pero, para la intenet necesitamos articulos en ingles, por favor.

  1. Zach and Carrie and community,

    I have been to Colombia before, and, even as a woman, feel safe being there, but I am hoping to WWOOF there. This will be my first-ever WWOOFing experience (whoot! whoot!) and I want it to be a successful one. I am planning on going in May and starting mid-central Colombia and work on different farms on my way south to Ecuador. I was wondering if yall could give me any advice on choosing farms in Colombia (I’ve read what you wrote a while back about the farms in Colombia on which you worked) or traveling in Colombia/crossing the border to Ecuador. Do you think that it would behoove me to take a Colombian bus to the border walk across the border and then get on an Ecuadorian bus on the other side?

    Carpe Diem,

    • Andy,
      That is exactly what you do to cross the border. It’s very easy! As far as farms, we only stayed at the one we mentioned in Colombia. It was a great cultural immersion experience but we didn’t do very much work!

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